Special Places

These are our favourite places at Gib Gate... in words and drawings...

My special place is...

The Art Room

The Art room is fun, enjoyable and creative.
I love the Art room. In the Art room I hear splash, scribble and splosh.
I smell the fumes of paint and glue.
I feel the pencils while doing quick sketches.
In the Art room I feel happy and free. Romeo, Year 3

The Library

A special place is the Gib Gate Library.
The books I touch are some of the best books in the world.
They are as good as gold.
There is the sound of flapping pages and birds squawking outside the window.
As I read, my brain works hard. Joe, Year 3

The Gib Gate Bike Track

Kangaroos jump around me as I ride past.
I’m at the tall blowing trees with big signs showing me the way.
The path is grass and I am the fastest one around!
Pedal…pedal… as I am pedalling hard, birds cheer me on my way.
The bike track makes me feel fit and fresh.
The bike track is an enjoyable fun thing to do! Angus, Year 3

The Oak Tree

I smell the flowers surrounding me,
I see piles of leaves everywhere,
I hear the wind howling like a wolf,
I feel happy to be here
it’s not like anywhere else,
I play around with my friends,
We’re laughing like roaring lions. Olivia, Year 3

The Secret Garden

I smell damp moss, crushed leaves and a slight tinge of wood,
I feel safe, peaceful, alone and protected,
I touch the rough, dry ivy on the old brick wall,
I see the different shades of emerald, lime and pale green in the trees, swaying in the breeze,
I hear the rustling leaves and whistling wind. Matilda, Year 3

The Log

I see swaying trees in the wind,
I hear children screaming on the donkers,
I smell fresh air and wood,
I feel nature, leaves floating in the breeze,
I hear wind, children happily talking and birds singing in the background. Zoe, Year 4