Personalised Learning

Our highly-qualified and accredited teachers design lessons by speaking one-on-one with students about their learning styles, interests and aspirations­ – and what they want to learn. Every child is treated as an individual who possesses unique gifts and talents that are identified and nurtured.

This gives students a ‘voice’ that explains how they want to access and acquire skills, knowledge and information, and a choice for how they wish to express their knowledge.

As experts in data collection and analysis, Frensham Junior School teachers work collaboratively to map each student’s strengths and weaknesses. Over time, this helps them to identify and predict knowledge gaps and personalise the instructions and content to each student’s individual learning path.

We are not a ‘one size fits all’ classroom, and a personalised approach to learning for all students ensures rigorous structures with high learning expectations. This is supported by strong monitoring and intervention within a range of flexible learning environments—which promotes the highest outcomes for every child.