Specialist Lessons


Music is deeply integrated into life at Gib Gate which allows every child to explore music through performance, composition and listening activities. With a strong history of producing exemplary musical performers, and students graduate with regular playing and/or singing experience having performed at many events. At least 1.5 hours is dedicated to the Music Programme every week – and this increases if a student is learning an instrument or playing in the school orchestra.


The Madrigals is a select Years 5 ­– 6 choir that learns and performs more challenging pieces. However, all students sing in the school choir weekly and perform throughout the year.

Learning to play a musical instrument

Gib Gate sets up the foundation for students’ appreciation and enjoyment of music throughout their lives.

In Year One, students are taught violin every week using the Suzuki method.

Outside class many students enhance their studies with private music tuition during the school day with an expert Tutor.

Private music tuition is available in::

  • Piano
  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Guitar
  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Saxophone
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • Voice
  • Drums

Visual Arts

Gib Gate students discover new ways of perceiving the world around them. All year levels paint, draw, create mixed media works and use modelling compounds or technology to express themselves through art. Art classes are attended by each student for one hour each week.


Japanese language and culture are taught to all classes. Students learn vocabulary and phrases for daily communication as well as Japanese literature, celebrations and traditions.

The language programme has greater significance because of Gib Gate’s warm connection with our sister school, Hokuriku Gakuin Elementary School, in Kanazawa, Japan. Students Skype with Gakuin students to practise speaking Japanese. Through this process their language learning has meaning – a way to broker understanding and respect.

The Japanese programme at Gib Gate is delivered by a specialist Japanese teacher.

Physical Education (PE)

Gib Gate promotes a healthy lifestyle for all students through weekly PE lessons and sport—both of which are one hour in length.

These classes can also include sessions of:

  • Tennis
  • Gymnastics
  • Swimming Development Programme (at Frensham’s Centenary Pool)

Preschool students can also participate in Little Kickers and Junior Blaster Cricket.

Gib Gate students are encouraged to perform in interschool state and national competitions.

Library and ICT

Gib Gate Library and ICT Centre is home to many books and resources for both learning and enjoyment.

Students can access a wide range of Australian and international picture books, novels, non-fiction and print-based information. Weekly class trips to the library promote literary texts and develop key information skills.

Throughout the week, students conduct online research and other ICT activities using a carefully selected suite of software programs.