Pre-Kindergarten Programme

The Right Preschool Sets Children up for Success in Kindergarten and Beyond

Gib Gate’s Pre-Kindergarten programme covers a child’s development across pre-academic, social, emotional, creative and physical areas.

Through collaboration, our highly-experienced staff instil a strong sense of confidence to prepare the child for a life of learning.

Early phonemic and numeracy skills are developed by engaging the student with play and in-depth investigations of the world around them. Exposure to the natural environments also enhances engagement and learning.  

Important when seeking quality preschool education is a setting that is inviting to learning and that plays to a child’s strengths and interests.

In addition, it is crucial that the learning environment is collaborative, with the child, qualified teachers and parents working closely to develop not only a broad range of skills and knowledge, but an ethos of life-long learning..

"By being able to work with students from three years of age, we can ensure a smooth transition to the start of formal schooling in Kindergarten. This is invaluable to the child’s education and personal development and also provides future Gib Gate teachers with an intimate knowledge of the child’s abilities, learning style and personality."Sally Robson, Head of Gib Gate