Early Childhood Philosophy

Gib Gate Preschool is based on global best-practice Reggio Emilia philosophy. Founded in Italy, this innovative approach to early childhood education values every child as strong, capable and resilient; rich with wonder and knowledge.

Each child brings with them a deep curiosity and potential. It is this innate curiosity that drives their interest to understand the world and discover their place within it.

The Reggio Emilia philosophy is based on a number of fundamental principles:

  • children are capable of constructing their own learning;
  • children form an understanding of themselves and their place in the world through their interactions with others;
  • children are effective communicators;
  • the environment is the third teacher;
  • adults act as mentors and guides promoting, documenting and sharing and reflecting on children’s thinking.

Equally important is the key role that families play when working together with educators, supporting children to feel confident and capable.