"I love Science! At Gib Gate I have learnt how to find out about things I am really interested in and how to conduct investigations scientifically. I really enjoyed presenting my work to the School at the Gib Gate Science Fair and at the University of Wollongong Science Competition. Being awarded a prize in the NSW Young Scientist awards was amazing!"

Year 5 Student

Our science program grows organically out of a child’s natural curiosity in the world around them. Hands on learning gradually transforms into scientific method and proposing and testing hypotheses.

Science is based in computational thinking and mathematical problem solving – and is a key area of study.

Scientific engineering is expanding like never before. We teach our students not only how to adapt, but how to develop creatively in this constantly growing field – from learning how to code and create apps to robotics. Students have a chance to test their new skills in competitions like First Lego League and NSW and National RoboCup competitions.

Our Kindergarten to Year 6 become skilled in computer coding through a programme provided by ScopeIT Education - taking their education in technology to the highest levels building websites, 3D printing, and robotics.