Cultural Exchange

For over 30 years, Frensham Junior School has nurtured a warm connection with Hokuriku Gakuin Elementary School, in Kanazawa, Japan.

Through this exchange, students learn a new language, find friends overseas and develop respect and understanding for another culture.

Students engage with the school and its students in weekly Zoom sessions. And in Year 5 or Year 6, students can even go on an 8-day tour of Japan, hosted by Hokuriku Gakuin Elementary School.

We also invite Hokuriku Gakuin Elementary School students to visit Frensham Junior School, where our students are generous hosts.

My biggest adventure at Frensham Junior School was going on the Japan trip and staying with my host family. It was an adventure learning the ways Japanese people live and trying new foods that I had never even heard of before.

Year 6 Student