Parents Say '...'

"Gib Gate’s greatest attribute is the focus on nurturing individuals. Every child at Gib Gate is given the optimum opportunity to succeed because the staff help them learn through leveraging their personal strengths. The School provides a significant sense of community and inclusion, making the children feel safe and important."

"I love that Gib Gate is small enough that each child is recognised and feels at home, yet has big opportunities and open spaces to play and explore like children should."

"At Gib Gate, there is an emphasis on developing a great sense of community that we as an entire family experience and this is continually encouraged beyond the school gates."

"One of the strongest messages you’ll take away as you start on your journey with Gib Gate is the emphasis on community spirit, and you’ll soon experience how genuine this is. You will see the camaraderie not only amongst your child’s year group but across the whole school; whether it’s the support your child receives as they stand up and present at their first assembly or the smile of acknowledgment from the Year 6 student they bump into in town. They all share a very special bond and that caring environment will see your child grow in confidence and excel in their learning."

"The school provides outstanding and unique learning experiences and personal development opportunities. Children are encouraged to diligently nurture and grow their strengths and judiciously invite and overcome challenge. Respect, caring and kindness towards each other is paramount and continuously evident amongst students and staff."

“Miss Honey from Roald Dahl's book 'Matilda' could be compared with any one of the teachers at Gib Gate. Warm, nurturing, smart, insightful, fully engaged with their classes, and in tune with children as complex individuals. As parents, we value a school where students excel academically and have the opportunity to thrive in sport, music and the arts. We value even more highly a culture of warmth, positivity and encouragement. Gib Gate delivers all this and more.”