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Experiential Learning

Term 4 No 3 | 2022

A highlight of Term 4 every year at Gib Gate is the school musical and what a treat it was to perform in front of a live audience once again. This year the production was ‘The Jungle Book Kids’. The leading parts taken by the entire Year 6 class were perfectly cast to allow everyone to perform at their best. Students from Preschool to Year 5 were bees, jungle, elephants and monkeys and they did an outstanding job of performing, singing and dancing on stage for the duration. The audience could see how much fun the entire cast were having as they worked together to create such a spectacular show. Thank you to everyone involved including parents and carers and our Frensham supporters.

Gib Gate Production of 'The Jungle Book Kids'

This week the focus is on STEM projects specifically designed to build essential STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and 21st Century competencies with Year 5 presenting their Science Fair long-term investigations and Year 2 will hold their Lego League Expo at Gib Gate in front of their schoolmates, parents and visitors.

These recent examples of experiential learning opportunities for our students at Gib Gate are carefully planned, structured and executed experiences, supported by reflection, critical analysis and synthesis which require students to take initiative, make decisions and be accountable. Students are actively engaged in posing questions, investigating, experimenting, being curious, solving problems, assuming responsibility, being creative, and constructing meaning. The culminating learning tasks of performances and STEM showcases are authentic and meaningful for students and the wider community.

Mrs Anne Graham, Head of Gib Gate (Acting)

Sport and Extra-Curricular

Gib Gate students from Preschool to Year 2 participated in the Fun Athletics Carnival on Thursday 10 November. It was pleasing to welcome parents, carers and friends onto the campus and see them supporting and encouraging the children as they put their gross motor skills to the test. Students played a variety of fun games using the big parachute and practiced their throwing skills with a vortex challenge (a vortex looks like a small football with a tail) and a bean bag challenge. Students then turned their attention to the track where they enjoyed egg and spoon races, sack races and 40metre sprinting races. It was heart-warming to observe so many children enjoying the excitement of competition while cheering each other on and being good sports. 

The Swimming Development Programme commenced for all Kindergarten to Year 6 students last week. Each class is transported to The Centenary Pool on Frensham campus. Students work in small groups with swimming coaches from Aquabliss to improve their skills.

Mr Gregory Hannah, Administration Co-ordinator (Acting)


A Preschool programme is only as powerful as its content and the contributors. We are fortunate that we have an incredible community that stimulates the children’s interests, observations and questions, which builds our programme into a shared learning experience. Earlier in the term children shared holiday adventures ranging from Noosa holidays to loosing teeth. This led into a labyrinth discussions, ideas, and investigations. Raf brought in a range of herbs from his home garden which promoted discussion about what each herb could be used for, and each child was provided with a bundle of herbs to take home. Annabel and her mother made a pizza with the herbs and she shared pictures the next day, much to the delight of Raf. Tinna brought in photos of Superhero Street she discovered in Canberra, as this added to the Superhero investigation. Hugo’s interest in cricket led him to bring in his cricket kit and he shared his knowledge about the sport. This news sparked a cricket game in the PE lesson. Rocket shared his family celebration and interest in Halloween with pumpkin decorating, trick or treat bags and stickers and we learnt the history of Halloween from his mother. Hamish shared that he is learning to play the violin and he gave us a demonstration. Molly showed everyone a video and pictures of her family’s passion for horses. We learnt about how she cares for her two horses.


The ideas and learning environment of Preschool students are continually being stimulated and we look forward to seeing where else the learning will wander.

Mrs Tinna Loker, Preschool Co-ordinator

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