Each generation has its dream of what the world might be... you are needed, your integrity is needed, your vitality is needed, and your dreams are needed...
Winifred West, 1945

Winifred West Schools Limited

FRENSHAM SCHOOLS is owned and operated by Winifred West Schools Limited.

    A secondary boarding and day school for girls
    A preschool and primary day school for boys and girls
    Preschool to Year 6 (with boarding available for Year 6 girls at Frensham)
    A school of excellence in arts, design and fabrication
    Offering a certified 1-year Course in Fine Furniture Design and Technology
    Year-round exhibition programme in Sturt Gallery
    Designer-maker shop with an attached café
    Summer and winter schools for courses in art and design

Governance 2019

Frensham Schools Board of Governors

  • Mr Tom Brigstocke – Sturt Nominee
  • Ms Belinda Cassidy
  • Ms Sarah Dulhunty
  • Mr Mark Horsfall – Gib Gate Nominee
  • Mr Paul Hunter
  • Ms Kirsty McIvor
  • Mr Craig Mitchell (Deputy Chair)
  • Mr Sam Paradice
  • Ms Elizabeth Stuart (Chair / Frensham Nominee)
  • Mr Edward Studdy

Frensham Schools Executive

  • Ms Julie Gillick – Head of Frensham and Head of Frensham Schools
  • Mr Geoff Marsh – Deputy Head of Frensham and Deputy Head of Frensham Schools
  • Ms Sally Robson – Head of Gib Gate
  • Mr Patrick Duck – Business Manager and Company Secretary
  • Mr Mark Viner – Head of Sturt
  • Ms Kate Chauncy – Director of Teaching and Learning P-12; Coordinator of Gifted & Talented Programme P-12
  • Mr Gary Palmer – IT Manager

Gib Gate Staff

  • Head of Gib Gate: Ms S Robson
  • Director of Teaching and Learning (P-12): Ms K Chauncy 
  • Coordinator (Administration): Mrs A Graham
Teaching Staff
  • Mrs N Brigstocke
  • Ms M Fitzpatrick
  • Mr G Hannah
  • Ms S Klaur
  • Mrs T Loker
  • Mrs A Lomax
  • Mrs S Miller (on Leave)
  • Mrs B Neilson
  • Ms J Pawl
  • Ms J O’Rourke
  • Mrs J Rowley
  • Mr M Standen (Coordinator)
  • Mrs L Venish
  • Mrs K Williamson
  • Teacher Librarian: Mrs L Marsh
  • Music: Mrs A Graham
  • PE / Sport: Mr M Standen
  • Japanese / Languages: Mrs L Gemell
  • Visual Arts: Ms V Macpherson

Secretary: Mrs K Russell
Canteen: Alliance Catering

Gib Gate Advisory Committee

Gib Gate Advisory Committee is a consultative body to the Head of Frensham Schools, set up under rules approved by the Board of Governors. It meets at least three times a year to discuss matters raised by the Head or the committee members as pertaining to Gib Gate policy and procedures. The committee consists of the Head of Frensham Schools, elected members of the parent body and the Chair and appointed members of Families of Gib Gate.

Gib Gate Advisory Committee 2019
  • Dr Jerry Basson
  • Mrs Chelsea Doyle
  • Mrs Tanya Gregory
  • Mr David Griffin (Chair)
  • Mrs Kate Iori
  • Mr Trent Johns
  • Mrs Denise Telford
  • Mrs Lucy Wilson
  • Mr David Wright

Families of Gib Gate (FOGG)

FOGG (Families of Gib Gate) is constituted to include all parents of Gib Gate.  The Chair of FOGG is appointed by the Gib Gate Advisory Committee.  Through FOGG parent support, special events are arranged and managed and friend-raising activities are initiated.  FOGG has a major role to play in support of the fundraising initiatives of the Winifred West Schools Foundation.  All Gib Gate parents are encouraged to become actively involved in FOGG activities.

Winifred West Schools Foundation

The Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation, incorporated as a company limited by guarantee. Its Board of Directors includes two Governors, the President of Frensham Fellowship and eight further Directors elected by the Benefactors.

The Foundation’s purpose is to raise funds in support of the Schools’ Board of Governors and the Head’s endeavour in the continuous pursuit of excellence in all facets of education.

Professional Learning Scholarships for teachers are a highly valued Foundation initiative, complementing Frensham Schools’ world-class approach to the improvement of teacher practice.

WWS Foundation Directors
Benefactors’ Representatives
  • Mr Mark Camilleri
  • Ms Sarah Clutton
  • Mrs Angela Greig
  • Mrs Alison Lalak
  • Dr Peter Macken
  • Mr Peter Shorthouse
  • Mr Alan Watson (Chair)
Governors’ Representatives
  • Mr Sam Paradice
  • Mr Edward Studdy

Further information about WWS Foundation may be obtained from the Business Manager.
PO Box 34 Mittagong NSW 2575
Phone: +61 2 4860 2000 – Email: