Students Say '...'


"At Gib Gate people are kind and they let you join their games no matter what class you are in."

Felicity, Year 2

"I love doing Coding and reading in the Gib Gate Library ."

Maddy, Year 2

"Special days are fun at Gib Gate and I love, love, love the Friday Performance Assemblies!"

Sophia, Year 2

"I feel proud when I represent my School at Carnivals and Lego Mission."

John, Year 3

"Gib Gate has the best before and after school activities!"

James, Year 3

"I am always excited to go to school after the holidays."

Lucy, Year 3

"Since I have been here it has helped me to learn. I work harder here – even though I’m in Year 4, I go to Year 6 for spelling."

Ruby, Year 4

"I love that Gib Gate has such a big, big playground to play in."

Anthony, Year 4

"At Gib Gate we are doing interesting work in History where we learn about our world and I love all the books in our Library."

Sienna, Year 4

"I love the OEG outdoor adventure days and camp and going on interesting excursions with my class."

Leilani, Year 5

“At Gib Gate you can discover your passions and grow as a student and human being.” Cate, Year 6

 “I really appreciate what Gib Gate has done for me. I will take so many memories from here. I have had great teachers.”

Archer, Year 6

 “Here you serve the School, other students and the environment...”

Amy, Year 6

“You learn about a broader approach to life and the World – the Japan Trip was fabulous.”

Lily, Year 6

“We participate in many community events – Anzac Day march teaches us to take part in something bigger than ourselves; visiting Aged Care facilities to sing and meet residents was a wonderful way to give back.”

Chloe, Year 6