Philosophy & Values

Philosophy of the School

Gib Gate is a non-denominational school based on Christian values. A proven specialist in Gifted and Talented Education, Gib Gate offers boys and girls a personalised, broad-ranging learning experience. A unique culture of ‘learning to learn’ through adventure, belonging, challenge, doing, excellence and service, develops students who are curious, collaborative, creative, globally-minded and who know how to learn.

Using an inquiry approach to learning, embedded within a culture of critical thinking, students are actively engaged and suitably challenged across the curriculum in areas of personal interest. Core literacy and numeracy skills - expertly taught - allow students to access rich literary and scientific texts and engage in higher-order mathematical thinking. The development of scientific literacy, carefully scaffolded from Preschool to Year 6, ensures students think critically about the world around them and develop a sense of local and global responsibility.

Servant Leadership is encouraged at every level, with each Year 6 student given the responsibility for leading the School’s Peer Support and Buddy Programme, as well as assuming individual roles of responsibility in service of the School.

At Gib Gate, we are Learning to Learn through: adventure, belonging, challenge, doing, excellence and service.

Mission Statement and Guiding Values

We commit to maintain and develop Frensham Schools* as a pre-eminent Australian educational environment founded on Christian principles, renowned for its unique combination of values which focus on:

  • Emotional and physical health and happiness ~ providing a caring and supportive environment in beautiful surroundings close to nature, and encouraging a sense of wellbeing through teamwork, friendship, self-management and tolerant beliefs
  • Unselfish pursuit of excellence ~ exceeding what would otherwise be possible in terms of development, contribution, achievement and leadership, across the totality of the educational experience
  • Individual growth ~ challenging and inspiring each member of the Frensham Schools community to define, plan for and work towards the achievement of personal goals, with passion and commitment
  • Service to others ~ living the challenge of our founders, ‘In Love, Serve One Another’, being active and compassionate in recognising the needs of others and responding with generosity, self-assurance, leadership by example, integrity and humility in all matters in a global community
  • Broad experience ~ recognising the need for multifaceted development of each individual, enhancing his or her intellectual, spiritual, aesthetic, social and physical powers, emphasising academic requirements and other long-term life skills
  • Innovative and adaptive approaches ~ developing a spirit of enquiry and a love of learning, with a future focus and the capacity to discern, so that students and staff experience the adventure of experiment and the excitement of breaking new ground

*Frensham Schools: Gib Gate, Frensham and Sturt – is owned and operated by Winifred West Schools Ltd

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We remain committed to providing an educational experience where every student is known individually, and where we exceed expectations in meeting the professional needs of future-oriented teachers.

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Strategic Priorities