Our Schools

The Frensham Schools network is made up of three campuses. Gib Gate P-6 Co-educational Primary School located on Old Bowral Road, Mittagong. Frensham 7-12 Boarding and Day School for Girls; and Sturt School for Excellence in Arts, Design and Fabrication, both located on Range Road, Mittagong.

A strong relationship between campuses means Gib Gate enjoys the benefit of shared facilities, traditions and connections with fellow Frensham and Sturt students. Additionally, teachers work across campuses with Frensham schools’ staff P-12 engaging in a whole-school professional development and executive approach.

Our facilities deliver a comprehensive education experience, which means promoting sports at The Centenary Pool, Hockey Turf, Tennis Courts, or scientific discovery at the Science Laboratory, Frensham Farm and Lower Holt Wildlife Corridor.

Students are also encouraged to express themselves artistically at Clubbe Hall Theatre, Sturt Design and Fabrication Studios and to engage in Exhibitions through Sturt Gallery. Sturt presents children’s arts courses during summer and winter vacations.

Preparation for senior school is crucial. For the students in Year 5, a sample high school day, hosted at Frensham, assists girls and boys with their transition to senior school.

Girls in Year 5 are offered day places at Frensham for Year 7 while boys enrol in a variety of schools in Year 7. This includes boarding schools in Sydney as well as local Catholic and Independent 7-12 schools in the Southern Highlands.

Frensham P-12 students also enjoy the annual services and community events such as the Frensham Schools’ Birthday Service, and Winifred West Schools Foundation’s Iris Country Fair and Bush Dance.