About The Head

Sally Robson M Ed, BEL (Hons)

Ms Sally Robson commenced as Head of Gib Gate in 2006, having held the position of Head of Dickins House at Cranbrook, Rose Bay. Ms Robson has also worked as a Consultant with the Association of Independent Schools NSW, a role in which she advised the development of curriculum and policies in a range of independent schools across the State. Prior to this consulting role, Ms Robson worked at Trinity Grammar School, Summer Hill and as the Early Learning Coordinator at Jakarta International School.

Originally from the Lake District in England, Ms Robson completed her education in Australia obtaining an Honours Degree in English Literature and a Master in Education Degree from Sydney University. Throughout her career Ms Robson has been an advocate for the teaching of Science and Technology and Literacy in Primary Education.

Ms Robson believes that an important key to providing an excellent educational environment lies in the ability of teaching staff to work collegially:

“At Gib Gate the teaching staff share a strong work ethic and have the highest personal professional standards. Staff work collectively and across key stages to ensure the progress of individual students is closely monitored. Sharing responsibility for all aspects of the curriculum and student management, Gib Gate staff set high expectations for students both academically and socially. The School's values of Learning to Learn through Excellence, Challenge, Adventure, Doing, Belonging and Service are embedded into everything we do at Gib Gate. From the learning experiences taking place in classrooms and the specialist lessons, to the way staff interact positively with students and work closely with parents, our daily practice as educators at Gib Gate is designed to encourage each student to be the best they can possibly be.”