Head's Welcome

Lucy Gregory, Head of Gib GateWelcome to Frensham Junior School, the Southern Highland’s leading academic co-educational Primary School and Preschool. As part of Frensham Schools, we offer a broad, values-based education, where strong traditions underpin a forward-thinking approach to education and a focus on developing children’s individual talents.

Frensham Junior School boys and girls find their potential and strengths within and beyond the core learning programme, with staff fostering the growth of the whole child. Through rich, specialist lessons and extra-curricular activities, our students learn to express themselves artistically, creatively, and musically. They learn how to belong to a sporting team and the importance of their own and others’ physical and mental wellbeing.

Frensham Junior School offers a unique culture of learning to learn through adventure, belonging, challenge, doing, excellence and service. Our unique Jamieson Programme immerses students in critical and ethical thinking, outdoor education, second language acquisition and inquiry learning; encouraging students to think and act with local and global perspectives.

At Frensham Junior School we place strong value on care and kindness and encourage daily practice that becomes automatic and deeply engrained in our individual and collective character.

At Frensham Junior School, each child is known and nurtured. Our students are recognised for their confidence, cheerfulness, empathy and ability to collaborate. Of course, the best way to experience this is to meet the students in person. Every day is Open Day at Frensham Junior School and we invite you to contact us to arrange a tour.

Warm regards

Lucy Gregory
Head of Frensham Junior School


School should teach you to begin to discriminate between what is good and what is only second rate. Here you should catch a glimpse of what life has to offer you, so that you may leave, feeling that you are making a beginning and not an end, determined to live thoroughly and not to be content with half achievement. Winifred West, 1925 – Founder of  Frensham Schools

Enjoy a glimpse of our students' adventures...

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